Automatic Billing

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What is automatic billing?

Automatic billing is used to pay the entire remaining balance of your reservation via automatic billing. This can be done with one credit card to cover the entire balance of your reservation.

What are the advantages of automatic billing?

It is convenient and free. Payments are automatic and evenly divided. No chance of forgetting to pay, cancellation of your reservation or being assessed a late fee.

Will I received a reminder before I am charged?

Yes, Be Relaxed Destinations/Wine Lover Group will email you payment reminders at the beginning of every month if you are enrolled in our automatic billing plan. You will also receive an email confirmation after each payment is processed every month.

How many payments will I have and when will they be due?

Payments will be monthly on or about the same day of the month you made your first payment. The number of payments is based on how many months there are from the time you book to the final payment date. You will see your exact payment plan when making your reservations.

Am I Able To Use My Miles/Award Points?

Yes, we can help you book any Amex points, airline miles, and hotel award points. This includes any upgrades you may have coming to you.

Does Be Relaxed Destinations and Wine Lover Group keep my credit card information safe?

Be Relaxed Destinations/Wine Lover Group’s online merchant company complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), a set of comprehensive requirements developed by the major card brands to facilitate two consistent data security measures. In order to protect your information, Be Relaxed Destinations/Wine Lover Group doesn’t store your credit card information, but for guests enrolled in automatic billing our credit card processing company does.

What if a credit card is declined during the payment plan?

When a card is declined during your monthly payment plan, we will attempt to charge your card three days later. If your card is declined a second time, you will receive an email to make a payment immediately or your reservations will cancel.

What if a credit card expires or a new credit card is issued during the payment plan?

When a card has expired or if you would like to add a new credit card to your plan, you can always log into your account and make payment option changes.

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