A cruise is a great way to not only get your current clients/members to participate more, but to gain exposure to new clients/members. A cruise is an all-inclusive way to gather everyone in one location, see the world and educate them on your cause. If you are raising money to help countries like Haiti for instance, you would pick a ship that has an itinerary that is going to Haiti and make that the highlight of your trip. You can use your time in port to either volunteer while there as well as bring additional supplies that you have gathered for the community. After that, you can continue the celebration and partying at the remaining ports of call. Or better yet, why not select a volunteer opportunity in each port as your excursion and do good at each of them. A cruise just makes it not only convenient to get to the destination, but fun as well. Therefore, you not only raised money with the cruise, but also help your different affiliate charities gets some free labor.

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Volunteertourism & Retreat:

this idea is where you pick a destination, this could be your sister organization, and go there to provide labor. You will spend a few days working and helping out and then spend a few days relaxing at a spa or meeting with you clients/members.

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Suitcase Party: 

This is an event where your travel advisor host and lunch or dinner. You invite the community to join and offer auction items of local and international trips. You, the nonprofit receives all of the proceeds of the evening including the auction and it cost you nothing to plan and host. The travel advisor plans the entire event and travel.

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These are just a few ideas that allow people who love to travel a way to give back. This doesn’t have to be overseas; you can create this right here in your own backyard. Have fun while helping other. It’s a win win.

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