Red, White, & Rosé

June 22, 2018 / 6:30pm - 9pm
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“Rosé is a wine that entertains long before it even passes your lips. Its comely colors have in fact been likened to sunset in a glass. With better bottles, its bouquet will live up to its look, refreshing you with juicy red fruits … joined sometimes by floral essences, citrus fruits, or perhaps a whiff of minerals.

And then there is the taste: not the sucrose serum of a bad white Zinfandel, but a dry, clean thirst-slaker with the body of a light red and the crispness of a white. … To achieve rosé nirvana, follow my ‘Rosé Rule of P’: serve it with anything pink–lobster, shrimp, ham, pork–or anything Provencal–such as bouillabaisse, salade Nicoise, or grilled sardines.” – Mark Oldman, Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine (Norton, 2010)

Event Details

Yayyy!!! It’s Rosé time…one of my favorite wines of the year. Well, it’s been Rosé time for about a month, but you get what I mean, lol. Come out and test your tasting skills with your fellow Vino lovers and see how many wines you can guess correctly.

This event is perfect for the newbie wine lover and the oenophile interested in learning and sharing great wines with great friends. Each wine will be presented with detailed tasting notes and background of grape and region.

The event will consistent of blind tastings of the four wines. The member with the most guesses will win a special prize.

So join us and test your skills!